The Answer is Blowing in the Wind sm

Wind Energy Now!
The Answer is Blowing in the Wind sm

EcoGeneration  *  Net Zero Energy  *  Solar Cogeneration  Trigeneration  *  Wind Power Generation

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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind sm

Wind Power Generation 
Traditional Power Generation

Power generated from clean, green wind energy avoids numerous negative effects of traditional electricity generation from fossil fuels:

Emissions of mercury or other heavy metals into the air

Emissions associated with extracting and transporting fuels

Lake and streambed acidification from acid rain or mining

Water consumption associated with mining or electricity generation

Production of toxic solid wastes, ash, or slurry

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The benefits of wind power generation go on - including the leading role wind energy provides in reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions into the atmosphere - the leading cause of climate change and global warming.  

Today, Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the United States approaches 6 billion metric tons/year.  

39% of these Carbon Dioxide Emissions are produced when electricity is generated from fossil fuels.

If the United States obtained 20% of its electricity from wind energy, the country could avoid putting 825 million metric tons of CO2 annually into the atmosphere by 2030, or a cumulative total of 7,600 million metric tons by 2030.

A relatively straightforward metric used to understand the carbon benefits of wind energy is that a single 1.5 MW wind turbine displaces 2,700 metric tons of CO2 per year compared with the current U.S. average utility fuel mix, or the equivalent of planting 4 square kilometers of forest every year according to AWEA 2007.


Wind Energy Now!
The Answer is Blowing in the Wind sm

EcoGeneration  *  Net Zero Energy  *  Solar Cogeneration  Trigeneration  *  Wind Power Generation

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Since the year 1750


World CO2 since 1750 (cubic feet)

World Carbon Dioxide Emissions since 1750 (cubic feet)

The carbon clock tracks total carbon dioxide emissions in metric tons since 1750.

Since 1750, humans have emitted over 5 trillion pounds of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Roughly half of this has ended up in the oceans where it is beginning to damage the coral reefs. The other half is still in the atmosphere and causing global warming. Each pound of CO2 takes up as much space as a 500 pound person.

The formula (which should be good for a year or two) is:
C(t) = 2.58 1012 + 1240t, where t is seconds since the start of 2007.

C is tonnes (metric tons) of carbon dioxide emissions.
2205 x C gives pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

That comes to over 43 billion tons/year or over 86 trillion pounds/year.

Carbon dioxide (2) = 1 carbon atom with 2 oxygen atoms.
Carbon has relative weight 12 and Oxygen 16.
So it takes only 12 pounds of carbon to make 12+16+16 = 44 pounds of CO2. 


Greenhouse Gas Emissions  
Linked to the Loss of Polar Bears

Photo courtesy of Alaska Image Library. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Replacing power plants that generate "brown" power from fossil fuels with renewable energy power plants such as Concentrated Solar Power or HCPV solar power plants, not only generates green power, but eliminates Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Hazardous Air Pollutants, while reducing the Earth's Fever and imports of foreign oil!


The market for Distributed PV, also known as "Rooftop PV"
will be a $60 billion/year market by 2013!

"Concentrated Solar Power - The Technology That Will 
Save Humanity." ~ Dr. Joseph Romm.


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The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind
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